Starting off college

Starting classes was really odd to begin with. There was the whole thing with me moving out, seeing some random girl, not working, having 5 classes and an internship. It’s a really odd time for me, and I’m becoming more and more idealistic while learning more and more about the real world. The classes, the girl, moving out, everything is making me understand things I never could comprehend. Life’s kind of awesome, but I have a bummed out feeling about it. it’s for a bunch of reasons.

All the classes are making me look down on college, especially a commuter school, immensely. The knowledge could easily be learned from peer to peer or tutoring, or straight up reading out of the textbook. So what’s the point of class? Listening and networking and socializing, except no one does that because everyone just wants to go back home after class. No one hangs out, everyone just drops in for their class. Everyone’s working. No one makes friends at school, it’s pretty sad. 

The work in the classes is also pretty ridiculous. In calc we’re computing derivatives for ridiculous trig functions that have no real life application…by hand. My math skills are getting a serious overhaul here. The other classes have weird busywork that are so pointless…like writing out a sentence outline for a speech when you can’t use the outline itself.  but it’s making me realize in my situation I should have a fucking 4.0. Everything should be done perfectly, no excuses. I left a stress filled environment for one that is mildly stressful. This semester should be stellar and I should figure out what’s coming next afterwards, but all my work should be fucking awesome. This week there’s 2 papers and a few labs do, they should cranked out tomorrow and tonight. Got to cut the bullshit, seriously.

Between classes I’m also working on the environmental campaign with the non profit at school, which is pretty awesome. We’re just..raising awareness about the issue, which is honestly enough to get something done SOMETIMES. Political saliency of fracking might actually do something, not to mention greater awareness and pushes for recycling and composting. The tangent about getting the majority of people to recycle is interesting but a totally different topic 

We have three meetings a week now, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It’s getting pretty ridiculous, but it’s easy internship hours I guess. Also having stuff for people to do is super awesome. We’re screening The Sky Is Pink on Thursday, which should be fun. I want to get at least 1 Gasland II screening done this semester, it’s gonna be sweet. I need to get an agenda of stuff for the semester out, need to consult with my PC on that. 

This is a weird sort of ranty journal entry, with random thoughts strewn about. Don’t wanna scare away random people. 

also textbooks are fucking overpriced to hell. The ones I bought set me back a huge amount, it’s insane. PDF’s, Torrents, Buying used/renting is the only way to go. Also scholarships are gonna be so necessary. Even getting a $1000 scholarship would mean paying off a huge part of my tuition for nothing. A sweet $10,000 scholarship would make me sustainable for the year. I need to check on which ones I’m gonna do, hopefully all of them. 

I’m gonna go spend another 15 hours in bed sleeping off this fever and reading, and gonna crank out work tomorrow.


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