Yo, I realised today how this internship is just a really awesome class. Go hang out with cool people, learn how to do useful stuff for any job like give speeches, organize events, lead groups, how to negotiate a bureaucracy. So I’m taking 6 classes and managing to do pretty well, it’s fucking awesome. I also found i may have 3 lab classes, a comp sci class, and a math class next semester, which would suck a lot. like a lot. College is mad work. I’m gonna bitch about it, man up and do it, while bitching a little bit about it. whatever.

Philip K Dick’s VALIS trilogy is off the fucking rocker. I tried reading VALIS first and was seriously very very very confused, I got 50 pages in and kinda lost it. I went back and read Radio Free Albemuth, which was pretty cool. The role of the FBI and intelligence services in this country have grown larger and larger and it’s really sad. Freedom is something..that’s hoped for at least. Sad state of affairs, especially with the recent events in the national government.

To counter the crazy, proto-religiousness of that I’m looking at The Divine Invasion, which doesn’t promise to be any better. The Gnostics seem really cool, but as someone with no background in the Christian faith I’m not even sure how to begin. There’s just so much out there to learn, I barely understand the Gnostics or really anything out there. They say the more you know, the more you realise how little you truly know. It would be incredible if we didn’t have to sleep, just read and study and learn all night. Become infinite machines of knowledge.

Several books need to be read by the other people working on the environmental campaign, especially Ecotopia…and maybe the EAS 101 textbook.  I dunno, everyone should just read stuff. I might just bring in an article for people to listen to at the next Enviro meeting. That would be really cool. Inform the group, get them to write LTE’s, and do events. That would be awesome.

Alright, i’m gonna go to sleep so i have time to chill out on the roof in the am. 

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