New Years and many things

It’s a New Year! There’s more time that’s passed since my consciousness reaslied itself. There’s more otters, grey wolves, and bald eagles. There’s also a lot more green house gasses in the atmosphere and a scary amount of pollutants. The environment’s serious. I take you seriously environment. For the celebration of the New Year we had a nice potluck dinner, with everything important to a potluck from food to pot. I had some chicken, potatoes, and rice, with some peppers and onions. So Tousif came over to cook all the food, preparing rice etc. Shortly before he came I had been showering and decided to snip some hair off with hair clippers. This worked out with a few awful dents in the back of my head and weird items on my head.

While Tousif was over I went into the bathroom and did some random trimming, which ended up with me shaving my whole head. I have a buzzcut. It’s fucking intense as hell, I look like Heisenberg or the kid brother in American History X. Doing this has given me a good look at the poor impulse control I have but also the fact you can do whatever you want. I CAN DO WHAT I WANTTTTTTTT. Mostly> Not really, but be reasonable and believe in your idealism.

While this has been happening I totally remembered a great story from a couple summers ago. It was the end of Junior year of highschool, and I was going out to take a walk and maybe meet some strange kids in my neighborhood. They’re great. The end.

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