subway couplets

A little dove

falling in love.

Doodling cartoons

and holding moons.

We walk at night

showing our might

without fear

without hope

drinking beer

and smoking dope.

Let’s make promises in bed

and giggle about being wed.

Curl up in in the mood

so I can show you my wood.

So be a lover baby,

and I”ll be your friend, maybe.

There’ll be a fairy

but don’t be wary.

Tell my why it’s so scary

and you’ll get a berry.

Let go of a fear of the dark

and I won’t be a fleeting lark.

It would be really nice

before it all turns to ice.

If i won’t end today

there’ll soon be a way.

So as the sun sets and it becomes dusk

let me smell your musk.

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