For some reason, we have decided collectively, at least in the United States, that someone must have purpose to find meaning in life. What does that mean for the majority of human beings out there. There are entire modern industries that are built on trying to give people purpose, trying to give someone direction so that they can explain their existence. Where does this idea even come from? Surely not all cultures have decided similarly that purpose is this key. But some may call it semantics saying that meaning and purpose are two different ways of saying the same idea. It isn’t so.

As of now, I don’t know if anyone can truly believe in their purpose or meaning or direction or fate or some deterministic conclusion of what they are doing in life. If he can, I commend that person. He has managed to find comfort in knowing everything that is present is perfect for him – or he is ready and adaptable to change, but doesn’t seek to be its agent. Maybe he has given up on trying to change what is past him, and isn’t even happy but miserable, and finds his purpose in being miserable. It is a sad state of affairs when one wakes up in the morning and finds that he doesn’t know why he goes to work other than to pay the bills. 

What do the salesmen and marketers know about happiness? Maybe it comes from buying more stuff. After all, make money to buy stuff so you can make more money and have better stuff, that’s how you’ll be happy. I heard the new model costs only $100 more, but it comes with a free warranty and a discount on the next release. Every version doing nothing for efficiency, and less for you. Maybe that next item will be better, and you’ll be able to stomach talking to your estranged brother. What does the market know about yoga and meditation; an antithetical idea to the market itself, one that’s been propelled by westerners being exposed to the east. It’s just another market to them.

But life really is about purpose or destiny or anything you want to call it. It’s about doing something you want to do even if you don’t know it now; of finding joy in individual moments. Finding meaning when you successfully analyze the nitrogen species makeup of some water or when you’re going 30 miles an hours down a hill on a plank of wood with large wheels. It’s about what you make it. So damnit, give it some meaning and fight for what you want. Resignation is the sign of being beat – you are never beat until you decide so.

I’m not really sure I have anything original to say on the matter, or if I’m just feeling like I’m being paranoid over current issues and regretful of decisions I’ve made. Regret drives purpose away, but if you can’t find purpose, what’re you even doing? I hope to find that purpose one day. Some day!


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