New York is Failing its Students

This has been a platform that is difficult for me to make time for: It has no hard deadlines, there’s a million other writings needed to be done, and lots of more excuses. This is not really relevant, the real issue is the abysmal state that the City University of New York is in. This is awful. Literally awful.

The City College of New York has a shortage of toilet paper on campus. Seriously, don’t use the bathroom on campus it’s gross. You can’t wipe. This is a university recently identified as one of the highest producers of Nobel, Fields, and Turing prize winners. This is a school that was called Harvard on the Hudson. One of the few public engineering schools in New York State granting bachelors degrees. One of the few schools that doesn’t cost tens of thousands of dollars a year to students. And we can’t get any damn toilet paper.

The State of New York in its infinite wisdom and caring for its citizens and voters has cut the CUNY budget significantly. Compounding this, cuts from NYC, and less enrollment than expected, we’re facing a budget cut of nearly $15 Million. How will this affect us? They’re going to fire a bunch of adjuncts. In the math department alone there are 45 adjuncts. What are they going to do, not offer classes? In a meeting with assistant dean of undergraduate affairs, we were told that an extra 500 students were accepted to the Grove School of Engineering. There weren’t enough introductory math, chemistry, and physics classes even being offered.

These are students unable to even begin progress in the long, sequential series of classes necessary to graduate with a bachelors of engineering. This isn’t ok. Why did we overaccept students? Because the schools that failed to meet the expected number of enrollments were facing a budget cut. So in exchange we received no cut but now have to many students to cater for.

The CCNY School of Education received a 40% cut in its budget. That’s ridiculous. Just flat out ridiculous. Two people I know are on the verge of dropping from the school, receiving different degrees so they can at least have a chance to graduate. They will literally be unable to graduate because of these cuts.

The cuts mean that courses now offered once a year may not even be offered once a year, as the adjuncts supposed to be teaching them won’t be paid. That means that one core, 400 level engineering course you need to graduate isn’t going to be offered for another year. That means you need a job for the next year until you can get your degree. That means being stuck in this increasingly awful city for another year.

The cuts mean that the professors of CUNY, represented by the Professional Staff Congress, a 27,000 strong union are preparing to go on strike. They haven’t received a new contract in 6 years, and have been working without a contract for 5 years.

Our educators are treated horribly. Our students are treated horribly. The state does not care about the students of New York. It does not care about the people getting an education in universities carrying its name. It does not care about the people born and raised in the five boroughs and are getting a degree, and will one day help build this city.

New York City does not care that the country’s largest urban university system, with over 500,000 students and 24 campuses is facing these cuts. It does not care that in 2014, these 24 campuses had a budget of almost $3 Billion. It does not care that in the same fiscal year, the NYPD was funded 50% more, for a total of nearly $4.7 Billion. Is this really what we value?

There’s not a lot more to say.

CUNY has failed its students.

CCNY has failed its students.

New York has failed its citizens.

CCNY Students are protesting against the budget cuts on November 10 at 12:30 pm in front of the Wiley Administration Building. Let your voice be heard.

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