Diffusing Ideas

Every few days, one of my friends will come over for a big dinner and maybe a movie. Tonight my good friend came over with some basics like chicken thighs and nacho chips so we could get a huge meal going, and we did! Cooking bonds us in a physical way while our minds digest each others ideas. Seriously I just love cooking it’s great. So we’ll make something simple but delicious, like baked chicken with spicy homefries and homemade bread. Preparing a meal an incredible way to connect, one can’t help but talk about it a bit. But what’s really cool is what we end up discussing each time. 

Tonight the general idea was International politics and American hegemony. The ideas shared are half formed and unorganized but are the basis of our ethics and our worldview. The economic power and military might the US exerts over many is unmatched. Go to any coutnry in the world and they know about the “land of the free” where the roads are paved of gold and you never go hugnry. it’s true, you shouldn’t go hungry in the land of abundance and plenty. Afterall, that’s what it was founded on right? Abundance and material wealth. People look up to the US, our culture penetrates everywehre. Hollywood produces our films, and our music penetrates every nation. American artists are internationally recognized, and our record labels dominate the world. The financial industry is owned byt he US, from Goldman to Citi. Windows is the dominant computer market this world over, and android or iOS dominates the mobile market. 

The US has an incredible amount of influence, but why is our domestic situation collapsing. The largest incarceration rate in the world with 743 of every 100,000 people in prison. The implications of that are incredible! There’s more people in prison here than ANY OTHER NATION in the world, including China. Our government can’t pass a budget?! We had millions of people unemployed, the OSHA and EPA essentially shut down, and some of the most scenery in the world closed down because men in suits dominated by ignorance, racism, and money couldn’t decide how to fund the nation? it’s a joke and a sad one too, with no punchline. What kind of power can we express over another nation if we can’t get our shit together here. 

Last week a kid got away with a DUI, underage intoxication, theft, and a quadruple manslaughter charge by pleading “affluenza.” Too rich to be convicted of murder? Really?! Frustration and anger is building, as it should be. Massive social change should come. It may not, but it should. The president allowed a massive pipeline to be built, bisecting the continental United States, so that a company could dump tar sands into Texas and refine them for sales overseas. The environmental cost is staggering, as is the actual cost of the pipeline. Why is that being allowed? Why is the blatant propaganda on “jobs” being bought? 

information has to be disseminated and the public informed. Fuck disorganized ranting and mumbling incoherent thoughts, the people need to know the issues. Time for some goddamn change, not some jerk in a suit. Ideas were gonna be diffused here. Cooking was done and ideas were discussed! Maybe I just get angry when I discuss them. I suggest going out and discussing issues with your friends and neighbors, spread the word. For reals. 

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